Leather Saddle – Black and Black R22,680.00 plus shipping cost, Deposit of 50% required

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Please note: Saddles take 3 months to manufacture from date of order.

Griffins Horse Archery saddles are individually handcrafted by Daniel Griffin, with over 100 hours of work going into each one. They are made to order and already have found their home in countries all over the world.

Daniel has developed this saddle over the last 4 years tweaking the Pommel and Cantle shape for optimal balance in horse archery. Daniel and his students personally ride in this saddle and Daniel has competed in this saddle all over the world.

The saddle is designed to fit a large range of horses, you will notice with the design it has a high gullet and bars that flange out away from the horses’ shoulders allowing it to fit almost any horse.

The Saddle tree is made of a high-density plastic which can endure huge amounts of stress. Daniel uses only 3.5 mm drum died veg tan and genuine sheepskin for the seat.

Colour Options:

Tan leather with White or black sheepskin
Brown leather with white or black sheepskin
Black leather with black or white sheepskin

Weight; 9 kilo grams / 19 pounds
Materials ; Genuine sheepskin / 3.5 mm leather / Plastic tree / 6 mm saddle felt on Bars
Girth attachment: Adjustable forward and back with buckles / fits standard dressage girth
Stirrup positions: 2
Seat Size ; 16 Inch
Bar length : 52 cm / 20.4′
Bar width front : 16 cm / 6.2′
Bar width back : 12 cm / 4.7′
Bar width front ; 28 cm / 11′
Bar width back : 34 cm / 13.3′
Bar Channel width : 10 cm / 3.9 ‘
Gullet width ; 13 cm / 5.1′
Gullet height 16 cm / 6.2′