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Our Tracks

Our Tracks


Kassai/Korean Track

The track is 99m long with a turning circle on each end giving a 15m run in and 15m run out.
This makes it completely equal for left and right handed Horse Archers.

The track features a 100m long x 5m high shooting bank behind the targets.
One turning Target which is manual or automatic.
The target can also be changed for the old style “Hungarian 3 way target”
The track has photo electric sensors at 99m and at 90m for the short hungarian or the Korean styles.
For the Korean we have 5 movable traditional Korean targets.
The track also features 10 Kassai Targets that rotate in 3 directions for training purposes.
Complete with teared seating on a deck for over 100 spectators.


Hunt Track

Griffins Hunt track is built in the Forrest just 100m from the Korean and Kassai Tracks. Built according to international Polish rule standards.

It is 330m long sand based track with 4 complete bends.
Featuring10 x 3D indigenous South African antelope targets.
Track time limit is 60 seconds.
Each participant gets 4 gallops down the track with one warmup up trot.
The targets are placed 7-15 m from the track and may all be moved for a more front or back position shot.
One right side target and one special target placed at 30m distance.
Each animal has a 2m high x 10m long bank behind it.

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