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Griffins Horse Archers

Meet the Team

Griffins Horse Archers club is a non profit club.
GHA is affiliated to MAASA ( Mounted Archery Association of South Africa ) and SAEF, the South African Equestrian Federation.

We meet once per month for club training weekends over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

To be a member of Griffins Horse Archers, you have to have a few private lessons. After which it may be possible to attend the group training. A minimum of 30 points needs to be shot in bareback competition before one can become an official member.


Daniel Griffin

Owner of Griffins Horse Archery

South Africa
Association: Griffins Horse Archery

Owner of Griffins Horse Archery in South Africa, 9 horses trained for horse archery, produces horse archery saddles and his own branded arrows, an international judge in the Kassai Horse Archery Open World Cup, and also the representative for South Africa in the International Horseback Archery Alliance. Achievements: 1st Place Jordanian Style, Al-Faris 2012 in Jordan.

Winner of the Polish Track at EOCHA 2013 in Turkey. Winner of the Hungarian Style at the IHAA Postal 2015. Winner of the MAGAT 2015 in South Africa, and the Trophees de l’Association Cheval Arc – TACA in France 2016.

Daniel is on the board of directors as the Vice president of MAASA (Mounted Archery Association of South Africa) and is also on the IHAA (International Horseback Archery Alliance) Board of Directors for Africa and on the international rules committee.


Mukhtar Slamdien

member at Griffins Horse Archery

Age: 21
Horsearcher Level: 2
Bow: Kassai Falcon 2
Poundage: #32

I am Mukhtar Slamdien, and I have been training in horse-archery for 2 years now. I started out with a 29 poundage Nomad G4 Bashkir and some practice arrows, and slowly over the years, I have upgraded my gear to what I use today. I am proficient in both Hungarian and Korean style tracks, as well as having a little experience in Polish.

So far in my horse-archery career, my highest score in Hungarian style has been 100,71. As score which I am constantly working towards breaking and improving.


Rudi Riek

Member at Griffins Horse Archery

Rudi is a 42-year-old husband and father of two from Napier. He has worked in film industry related business for the past 23 years and lives in Napier in the Overberg.

Rudi has been riding horses in various disciplines since he was 12 years old, has been doing ground archery since 2013, but has only combined the two in Horseback archery since October 2018.

Rudi is currently graded HA2 and working hard towards his HA3 grading.

He enjoys the mental workout that this discipline offers and loves The fact that it is something he and his daughter Michaela are doing together.


Sasha Chadburn

Member at Griffins Horse Archery

Sasha is 13 years old and was born in England. She grew up on the Caribbean Island of Antigua and Barbuda. She has had a love for horses all her life and started riding at the age of two. Sasha started mounted archery a year ago. Sasha plays the guitar and piano enjoys painting and drawing.


James Michael Gasson

Member at Griffins Horse Archery

I am 21 years old and currently stay in Cape Town. My first experience with horse archery was coming to one of Griffin’s horse archery’s first training camps in 2012. Since then, I have been training at Griffin’s horse archery on a regular basis, going through for training camps, weekends, and competitions. I have not graded officially yet because of lack time since I’ve started studying, but hopefully I’ll do so soon.


Michaela Riek

Member at Griffins Horse Archery

Michaela Riek is a 17yo student currently completing her Cambridge AS levels from home in addition to a business administration degree. She is passionate about giving back to the community and as such assists weekly with disabled riding lessons. Michaela has aspirations to become a veterinary surgeon once she completes her schooling.

Michaela has been doing ground archery since 2013 but she has only recently been learning how to ride a horse and has been doing Horseback archery since October 2018.
Michaela is working hard to complete her bareback exam.


Meghan Miehe

Member at Griffins Horse Archery
Meghan Miehe is 14 years old and she is an accomplished rider with 5 years experience.
She started horseback archery this year and absolutely loves it.
She is incredibly motivated as a beginner to improve her skills and strengthen herself and enjoys her training with Daniel immensely.

Sandra Viljoen

Member at Griffins Horse Archery

57 year old Sandra Viljoen comes a long way with Griffins Horse Archery. Joined at one of the first training camps in 2015 and we all stayed in a Guest house in Elim. I am a horsewomen since a little girl, but took up Archery in my early 50’s. The combined Martial Art is still a mystery for me, but I am not giving up. I am fortunate to live an hour away and therefore can offer my help as Time- and Scorekeeper at Griffin’s events when not riding.

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